Monday, 23 February 2015

A Tribute to a Deserving President.

By Nick Mangwana

A visionary does not get old. He gets better. For when the physical vision begins to fail. When those eyes begin to give then the mind begins to see more. Because vision is the art to see the invisible. It is the gift to see what nobody else can see. The sense of perception is only  heightened when the distractions of the physical gets blinded.  Visions become focussed when we stop to look outside and begin to look inside.

The vision of an icon is drenched in the sweats of the roads trudged. In 91 years of toil for the African nationhood.  91 years of self-sacrifice for the common good.  But Gushungo a hero does not grow old, he only grows better.  The better the vision for a people, the higher the hope for same. Gushungo has a dream. We are the Team that makes the dream work.  Your vision shall transcends all generations.

The first part of your vision was that education is the transmission of progress, the epitome of empowerment. You empowered every Zimbabwean with that legacy. Now we speak eloquently and even grandiloquently against you in betrayal.  You have even educated those willing to learn positive lessons that black people should lift their heads high in dignity. That though the road is treacherous, the task onerous making the effort painstaking,  the labour of a black man working on his own land and for himself is uplifting.

You taught those that were willing to learn that, a man with the ideals of self-respect is a man that
will sacrifice anything on a point of principle. You taught us that we should not value privilege above principle. When we forget our values, principles and ideals that is the only measure of our failure.  When we abandon that which makes us a people, a Black Nation, that day we would have succumbed once again to slavery.  It is these types of teachings that make us realise that for all your Presidency you never abandoned the teaching profession. For you shall always be known as the Great Teacher.

You are the Apostle of Empowerment.  By empowering the landless and the downtrodden, you ignited a conscious revolution of restoration. The restoration of that which had been looted through conquest and plunder. Restoration of that which had also been fleeced by subterfuge.  And it all became very clear that this was the restoration of that sentiment again; dignity. Now South of the Limpopo they draw lessons. In the East of Africa they wonder if they missed an opportunity.  Ah, it only takes a visionary to be a pathfinder. It is for the rest to follow.

Now the small nation of Zimbabwe stands shoulder high. Above every other nation which is richer, mightier and prestigious. It is known as a nation led by the one who stubbornly sticks to his principles.

As you celebrate your birthday, those that sing, “We wish you many more” or “long live Mr President” are pronouncing oracles of a long life above the 91. May the gods listen to those chanting and grand you a long and healthy life. 

Happy Birthday Mr President.


Nick Mangwana is the Chairman of ZANU PF UK

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