Saturday, 31 December 2016

Chairman's New Year Message

Revolutionary Greetings Comrades.

The year 2016 has come and gone. It is a year that gave us a dozens reasons to smile as a Zanu PF Chapter. We also got got a bunch of knock backs. But the good moments far outweigh the bad ones. But in all comrades, we rise or fall together.

So the end of 2016 is the beginning of 2017. This is the beginning of a New Year but also the the continuation of an old national dream. Top of that dream is our contribution to to the rebuilding of our country. And our party and province are only vehicles to awaken that noble desire.

We are a Chapter that is used to fighting for every inch of ground we gain. Getting the paper membership cards took six trips to Zimbabwe. Getting to issue electronic cards took four trips. Some may take the issuing of cards for granted but to those in the know, it was a massive milestone achieved.

With these cards issued we immediately set democracy in motion by asking our leadership to come from the people. We embarked on a very transparent, free and fair election.  A new, young and dynamic executive was ushered into office. In the last 2 months a lot of boundless energy and patriotism has already been shown. If half of the enthusiasm and work ethic shown in that period is shown in 2017 then the future is not only bright for our party but brighter for our country.

Now to push for an 11th Province has so far taken one trip. We are not yet there but we are on course. This matter is going back to the Central Committee through the Politburo.  But all apparatus express and have shown an appetite for it.

Comrades, some are already asking what this year is going to bring the country and the party.  We also ask you, what you are bringing into the New Year for the benefit of your country and your party? For it is our collective ideas and efforts that will make a difference.

Meetings are arranged at a high financial and opportunity cost. Let us all attend and express ourselves thereat.  WhatsApp Groups are for interactions and socialisations as well as some communication. But they are not marathon meetings. So this year we hope to be able to put a face to every name on our platform.

One important thing we expect this year is for alternative leadership for our Chapter to begin to emerge in an orderly way. For we intend to finish 2019 with a New Chairperson for Zanu PF-UK and Europe. We believe succession planning starts on the day a leader takes office. And I have full confidence in my colleagues with whom I save in the Executive but I also have a higher confidence in the membership of this chapter.

So this year we will make mistakes together comrades. But more importantly we will make breakthroughs together. Those want to claim credit, should also be prepared to claim the blame. We will succeed as a Team and Family and fail as such for we are in this together comrades.

Happy New Year to you all and your families.

Aluta Continua

Nick Mangwana