Thursday, 16 April 2015

ZANU PF UK Chairman's Statement on Xenophobia Attacks in South Africa

By Nick Mangwana; ZANU PF UK Chairman

The xenophobic attacks against fellow Africans and our fellow Diasporans in South Africa are not only abhorrent. They are barbaric and go against the spirit of hunhu (Ubuntu). In African folklore, the guest is not only welcomed. They are pampered and treated well. We are not asking for this. We are asking only for our South African brothers and sisters to treat other Africans as human beings. The barbaric lynching which is almost reminiscent of those cannibal communities is not only painting South Africa in a bad light. It is indicative of how primate those self-appointed Immigration Vigilantes are.

The spirit of Ubuntu saw one African Country after another being supported in defeating colonialism and imperialism. It is the same spirit that has now to be embraced to defeat ignorance. It is now clear that African children are on their own as the world ignores the plight of vulnerable children being burned and eviscerated like animals. Where is the support all those world leaders that gathered after Charlie Hebdon?

Where is the consensus in condemnation? Does it take another Rwanda to append a human value to an African child? Or is it because it's black on black? African leadership itself should lead from the front. It is not only Zimbabweans that are victims of this primitivism. It is Africans in general. Where is the African solidarity?

If African leadership cannot lead from the front on this then woe unto us Africans. For we will never have African solutions to African problems. That will remain a myth to be bequeathed to future generations. The African Child is crying for their African Leaders to stand up and be counted. If Soweto and Sharpeville were atrocious, so are the  Xenophobic Uprisings. 

Cry the beloved continent.


Nick Mangwana

Chairman : Zanu PF-UK