Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Mind Your Business Chaps

By Nick Mangwana

We note with a knowing smile and rub our hands with glee at the further demise of the amoeba
opposition parties in our country. 

We always never comment. We have always known that they lacked an emotional energy and benefited from a protest vote emanating from the sting of the Sanction Regime they so sadistically called for. Even knowing this much we concentrate on our own business. It is such that we prefer to mind.

We have a few things happening in our party. Whatever the ins and outs of that, the opposition parties have decided that this is their business as well. Really astounding acts of voyeurism.

Surely, when members of one family are having their feuds, debates, or differences what business is it for the village idiot?

Zanu PF is made of congenial cadres and Cdes. We are bound to have fraternal differences. Whilst these may be considered unhelpful at times, we are more annoyed when we start having opposition apparatchiks masquerading as pseudo-experts on Zanu PF affairs.

Why are we having one Prof Madhuku threatening war if Zanu PF power matrices reach one outcome or the other? Shouldn’t he be concentrating on trying to democratically wrest power from us? Shouldn't he also be seeking another project as the constitution is no longer an issue? Is this the way he has decided to maintain relevance and bleed donor funds?

Why are we having one Mrs Priscilla Misihairambwi Mushonga suddenly appearing on certain forum as an adroit panelist on the outcomes of our power dynamics as if their parties are no more? Oh, of course it is that their parties are inanimate.

They have no history, no ideology and no soul. Should it not be considered a productive use of their
intellect and time to try to find a soul? If ZANU PF cadres call themselves fundis on ZANU PF that of course would make a lot of sense. It however would be considered ridiculous should I suddenly prance around as an expert on the MDC (A-Z).

Sometimes we are flattered when we are vindicated as the only business in town. But there are times when we just find these long noses poking everywhere pretty vexatious.

How can it not be annoying when we have cowards threatening war if our elective processes achieve a certain outcome? People like Morgan Tsvangirayi were old enough to join the war and help liberate the country. He chose to run and help the oppressors by brewing the Baas some tea. Suddenly with bravado he threatens to lead unrest from the front. This would be hilarious if it were not serious.

We laugh for we recall this chap running from his own shadow and using one Western Embassy as a
bolthole. That's why we ask, from whence cometh thine valour Mr Tsvangirayi?

We have always concentrated on making our party fit for the 21 st century and the delivery of our
electoral undertakings. But we cannot ignore idiotic political voyeurism. Parties whose only ideology is Mugabe Must Go! We are surely not interested in their 2 pence worth of opinion. It would do no harm for us to remind these chaps to mind their own business (if they have any).

Mr Biti also threatens war. A man with such a dysfunctional party that no one knows who actually leads it. Is it Mangoma? Is it Biti? Sekai Holland or Sipepa Nkomo? Alas we give up with a knowing smile that it is none of our business.

Whilst that rings true we will not ignore when cowards start beating war drums in feigned bravery which is ostensibly just a bluff. Surely a coward is much more inclined to quarrels than men of spirit.

If these people were brave and wanted to be useful, we would deploy them in seeking for the removal of the sanctions they instigated during one of their many times of treasonous treachery.

Should the ZANU PF business be so much of interest to these chaps, then we invite them to come and buy the card, pay subscription and be conscripted into our Cells. For they have a few things to learn and a lot to atone for. 


Nick Mangwana is the Chairman of ZANU PF UK. 
He can be contacted on

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Beyond ZANU PF Drama and Entertainment : Sound Policies and Strategy

By Nick Mangwana

MY party Zanu-PF has provided the media with so much to write about. What, with so many sound bites and catch phrases entering our lexicon! In the last few months we have been reminded that there is something called “Gamatox”, we rolled our eyes in nostalgic trance. 

Trying to remember what in God’s name that actually is.

This was a follow-up to the boosting of our ontological knowledge through “Weevil/ Chipfukuto”.
For those who are thirsty, there is “Mazoe Crush”. If you missed that one, you definitely now know what a “Lacuna” is. Then to cap it all “Gay Gangsters”! When it comes to our revolutionary party you are never far away from drama and theatre.
But nicely tucked away or flying off the radar in this Zanu-PF word stock are “Value addition and Beneficiation”.
We even had the generosity of giving the phrase to Sadc in August 2014.We felt the region had a few things to learn from us. During the term of our chairmanship of Sadc that will be our catchphrase until the region is in total harmony with it. The reader should try this; Google “Value Addition and Beneficiation”. You are sure to find either Zimbabwe or Zim-Asset coming up in the suggestions. In this I take pride.
We have scored another first. Yes, I say another because we also gave the world “Indigenisation”. The reader is challenged to try that one as well. Zimbabwe will emerge in most, if  not all hits.Why is this important, you may ask?
How does this help feed families?
SADC is adopting a similar approach with
President Robert Mugabe leading the way.
How does this help fulfil those job promises? The answer is in that these are the words at the heart of Zanu-PF policies.
How can it not be important when commercial mining has been happening in Zimbabwe since 1888 and yet Zimbabwe has little to show for it?
This was when that trickster Charles Rudd, acting on behalf of Cecil John Rhodes, used subterfuge to gain exclusive control of Mashonaland and Matabeleland mining rights.
This was the beginning of the exporting of primary minerals from Zimbabwe. We fast forward to this day; Zimbabwe is leading the resource-rich Africa in saying this cannot be allowed to carry on.
The indigenous population needs to benefit from what is extracted from their territories (Indigenisation). But not only that, the mines should process these minerals in Zimbabwe and beneficiate them in Zimbabwe (Value Addition and Beneficiation). This will boost the value of those minerals as well as create downstream industry and employment. Yes, part of those 2,2 million jobs depend on this.
You may not like Zanu-PF. It is your right. But surely, you would struggle to find fault with this policy.By all means, please enjoy our drama and everything else that we do, but you surely would have difficulties in finding any malfeasance in this noble policy. How can you?
Nigeria is one of the world’s top producers and exporters of crude oil.Ironically, it is also a top importer of petroleum and allied products at extortionate rates. How can they solve this absurdity? The only answer to this irregularity is beneficiation.
Cote d’ivoire is the world’s best cocoa producer . Ghana is number 3. Cocoa is the biggest ingredient in chocolate. How many of us have ever eaten a Ghanaian chocolate? In fact, the best producers of chocolate are Switzerland and Belgium. All from imported cocoa beans!
If that situation is not anomalous, then I don’t know what is. Let us bring it closer to home a bit. Zimbabwe has the second largest platinum reserves in the world after South Africa. Are we even in the top ten league of producers of catalytic converters, laboratory equipment, electrical contacts or electrodes?
Are we even producing, dentistry equipment or platinum jewellery? For these are the things that platinum is used for. The answer to these question is not in a yes or no. The answer is value-addition and beneficiation.
Granted there is always a large gap between Government policy and public opinion.So one has to understand the cynicism of some of our compatriots. How can we not empathise with that cynicism, when there seems to be a war of attrition within my party?
We should surely print tickets and start charging for some of this entertainment we provide.
But one clever person said that, the cure of cynicism is to engage honestly. Yes with honest engagement one would notice that behind all the comedy and farce the Zanu-PF Government is addressing these travesties in resource politics.
It has pushed the platinum producers to build a refinery plant.Whenever platinum is refined there are other benefits. Platinum is normally associated with other base metals like iron, copper nickel and cobalt, as well as gold and silver.This list is quite long and includes other metals like iridium, ruthenium, iridium and osmium.

Whilst the drama is keeping some people entertained:
a platinum refinery is being built in Zimbabwe
 in pursuit of Value Addition

Without our own refinery our platinum will continue being refined in South Africa and we will lose the value and benefit of those other products. With more positiveness, one would also notice that there is a policy intent to build a university for Value Addition and Beneficiation.
Surely one cannot find anything amiss with this policy too. I have been asked many times why I am a member of Zanu-PF. The answer for me has been quite easy. Of course, Zanu-PF is all I have been all my life by familial default. But it is policies like these that made me buy my first card decades ago. It is polices such as these that make me pay my subscription every month.
It is these type of empowerment ideologies that gives an opposition party its worst nightmare. For how can one oppose these?
How can you say this is wrong and win an election? If you say it’s not wrong then what are you opposing?
One can contend that, it is the epitome of mediocrity to just to oppose for the sake of having an opposition.
For beyond all the Zanu-PF drama, the fury and sound bites there is a sound policy.



    Nick Mangwana is Chairman — Zanu-PF UK . He can be reached on

Friday, 10 October 2014

Zimbabwe: Open for Business

International Support for ZIMASSET Economic Blueprint Growing

By Bernard Bwoni

Zimbabwe recently signed exclusive and mega economic and investment deals with China and Russia and the economic outlook for the country is not entirely all downhill and catastrophic. The EU and Britain have been warming up to Zimbabwe and seeking to revive previously strained relations with renewed optimism and readiness to support the government's Zim-Asset economic blueprint. 

Following on from the recent Russian business delegation to Zimbabwe the UK will be sending in an official trade delegation to Zimbabwe. This is a welcome initiative from the British as this will reconnect the two countries by building and rebuilding long-term mutually respectful and mutually beneficial relationships. A transparent United Kingdom is a perfect partner for fast opening Zimbabwean economy and connecting the UK’s established and financial muscle and investment is a requisite part of government’s economic blueprint to ensure and secure the necessary recovery. 

The Zimbabwean government has remained open to all mutually beneficial economic engagement. African companies, British companies, Chinese companies, Russian companies, EU companies, American companies and all companies from across the globe are encouraged and welcome to take up the vast investment opportunities in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean government has thrown wide open the doors for local, regional and international companies to benefit from the massive and wide-ranging investment opportunities in Zimbabwe as set out under the premises of the country’s Zim-Asset economic blueprint.

Business deals have been signed with China
The tone and mutually respectful presentation and entrance by the incoming British Ambassador to Zimbabwe Ms Catriona Laing is a refreshing and positive sign of thawing relationships and a step towards mutually beneficial engagement and celebration of genuine reopening of top-level ties between the two countries. Ambassador Laing was optimistic and shared the government of Zimbabwe’s vision about the robustness of the Zim-Asset economic blueprint and had this to say: 

''We want to build on the very good Zim-Asset economic blueprint that has been developed. We are encouraging our investors to come here, there are many companies in the UK wanting to come to Zimbabwe''. 

The government of Zimbabwe has made it clear that it is open for business to all investors and the call by Ms Laing for British investors to come to Zimbabwe must be lauded. The impending British Trade Delegation to Zimbabwe just like all investment into the country is welcome and the theme of mutually beneficial engagement will continue to prevail. Ms Catriona Laing’s courteous and prudent entry into Zimbabwe deserves nothing short of a warm welcome and hopefully will continue to engage as positively and respectfully as she started.

Russia has joined the scramble to invest in the mining sector in Zimbabwe
The Russians recently clinched a £3 billion platinum deal and a number of companies from that country have been exploring the extensive and diverse investment opportunities Zimbabwe has to offer. The planned British trade delegation to Zimbabwe is clear indication that Zimbabwe is indeed open for business and this is not just one-sided business but benefit for the investor and benefit for the country. This is good for those investing in the country and the communities that made up the Zimbabwe whole.

Zimbabwe is unique in the sense that the country possesses vast mineral resources, agricultural resources, human resources and a sound infrastructure. All these create limitless opportunities for the growth and development of resource-based industrial ventures. With vast amounts of fertile agricultural land, large varieties of commercially exploitable mineral deposits, a highly educated and skilled workforce the potential for growth has no bounds. 

The Government of Zimbabwe values foreign direct investment and actively encourages investors to participate in manufacturing, mining and infrastructure development where there are unlimited opportunities and joint ventures with local investors are also encouraged. The visiting British Trade Delegation to Zimbabwe will see for themselves one of the most developed infrastructures in Sub-Saharan Africa comprising road and rail networks, power generation, telecommunications and distribution networks. Although there is an urgent need to restore and modernise plant and equipment to restore capacity Zimbabwe does possess a solid and complex base which just requires an injection of capital and will see the country take off.

EU companies are ready to come into Zimbabwe? To be honest that is GREAT for Zimbabwe, all investment is welcome and the key is that this remains mutually beneficial business relationships that will empower the communities and ensure the country’s path towards economic transformation progresses. Coming back to the refreshing entry into Zimbabwe by the new British Ambassador Ms Laing, the issue of the economic sanctions against Zimbabwe always raises its ugly and illegitimate head and dampens the ‘refreshing’. 

It is now common to hear some deny the existence of economic sanctions
"The EU is going to review the sanctions next year", said Ms Lang.
Strangely some people believe there are no sanctions against Zimbabwe
against Zimbabwe yet Ms Laing had this to say ''The EU is going to review the sanctions next year in February based on progress made by Zimbabwe''. The ‘refreshing’ is dampened by the end bit where Ms Laing said ‘based on the progress made by Zimbabwe’ and the reason being Zimbabwe has and continues to make progress in working at empowering her citizens and encouraging business into Zimbabwe. The issue of review of the economic sanctions against Zimbabwe should be based on the illegality of the measures and nothing else. 

All that being said that Ms Laing’s polished entry into Zimbabwe remains refreshing until further notice. The Government of Zimbabwe and the UK Conservative Government have always had the cordial relationship and unfortunately that was damaged by the Labour Government of Tony Blair and Ms Laing’s entry has the hallmark of the Zimbabwe-Conservative link from yesteryear.

Mineral rich : Zimbabwe is blessed with an abundance
of a variety of minerals
The emphasis by government of Zimbabwe in ensuring that mining and resource-based companies set up refineries throughout areas of mineral resource endowment is progressive and a sure way towards industrialisation as this will add value to the mineral resource and the country gets more returns. Value addition and Beneficiation are critical for the country as a whole and the communities where mining activities take place as it ensures that jobs stay within the communities and the country and not shipped or exported together with the unprocessed resource away from these communities who sit on these minerals and natural resources. Value addition and Beneficiation will benefit both country and individual communities and that is the only sure way towards real economic transformation and industrialisation. No country has industrialised through exporting raw matte and raw everything. Zimbabwe is on the right path towards genuine economic transformation.

The entry of Russian and Chinese large-scale investment into Zimbabwe will spur the country’s economic  transformation and the revival of British companies’ interest in Zimbabwe will add value to the existing.


Bernard Bwoni is the ZANU PF UK Deputy Secretary for Admin. 

Visit: ; The ZANU PF UK Official Website : TOGETHER WE CAN

Monday, 6 October 2014

Talking Positively about Your Country is not Propaganda

By Nick Mangwana

We have always argued that being patriotic is not being Zanu PF. You also don’t have to be Zanu PF to be patriotic. But if you are Zanu PF (like me) you don’t owe anyone an apology for it. The biggest asset Zimbabwe has is its resilient and educated people. It can also be its greatest liability; a double edged sword. It is sad when those very articulate and intelligible people use their eloquence to speak and write negatively about their own country.

How heart-breaking is it when they prowl the internet looking for anything unflattering written about their country with so much poise and persuasive fluency they spin all this as evidence of Zanu PF’s ineptitude. We argue that this is just self-loathing and self-defeating. You can also use your good diction to sell your country and its virtues. Talking good about your country is not propaganda.

Rich Zimbabwean culture and tradition. Be proud of your roots and your country
We are not asking for self-censorship. We are asking for self-awareness. We are only asking for honesty soul-searching. Is it that there is nothing good happening in Zimbabwe at all? Is it possible that Zanu PF has done no good for those 34 years that we are always reminded of? All those 16 Universities opened in the past 34 years count for nothing? That extraordinary literacy rate, the best in Africa, was that a small achievement? 

We now brood in our self-pity highlighting the mistakes and masking the achievements, to what end? Mistakes were made of course. That comes with the territory. But when nobody wants to talk about the fact that most residential parts of urban areas inhabitated by black people had no electricity and were known as Cherimas.  When they don’t mention that there was no tarred road between Gweru and Chiredzi through Chivi you sense hypocrisy. When they ignore that there was no road linking Chinhoyi and Chegutu and it happened in those 34 years you also sense an agenda. 

They forget to mention that part of the electricity challenges we face today are because the Cherimas and rural areas are now electrified. The supply designed as a preserve of an elite few is now reaching so many..
No apologies for being Zimbabwean. It is our land.

This also makes you sense hypocritical selective amnesia. You are almost lynched when these positives roll off your tongue. You are called a Zanu PF apologist. They give you imaginary farms and say you are singing for your supper! Well, Cdes some of us make our own supper.  We don't have to sing for it. Let us not call each names.  Why don’t we talk facts and issues whilst our children call each other names in the playground (for which we chastise them). Saying positive things about your country is not propagating a partisan agenda.

Zimbabwe successfully held UNTWO despite the tough
economic conditions and negative vibes from the
perennial prophets of doom
We cannot enumerate the positives as they are an umpteen. And it is not the idea of this opinion piece to do that. It’s only asking questions such as why we are not talking about our successful hosting of the UNWTO and other legacies from the last 34 years of nationhood? We cannot stop accentuating our national progress because it coincides with Zanu PF successes. Let us learn from others.

Jamaica is a very small country. It has a population of less than 3 million. Zimbabwe has a population of more than 13 million. How come they have had such an impact on the international cultural scene? One only needs to go to the Red Fox aka KumaRasta or spend some time with our own “Ghetto Youths” to understand the impact of the Jamaican Culture on the world and our own Zimbabwe. Jamaicans love their country and are willing to defend it to the death. It does not mean that it all positive there. No. There are probably much more negatives than positives actually. From the above small population, they record 1,193 murders, 1,227 shootings, 580 aggravated assaults, 792 rapes, 2,631 robberies, and 2,443 break-insall in one year. They are in the premier league of violent crimes. 

Yes, this is blight on their nationhood. But that is not what they project to our young people, is it? This is not the side that make people play pretend Jamaicans and speak in pretend Patois (Patwa) some which is quite ridiculous or too rude to repeat. It will be a death wish to mention these negatives to a Jamaican. We all know how they reacted when our own President mentioned the relationship between Jamaican men and education! Their children born in the Diaspora are the same. They defend their nation to the hilt.  We can’t say they were fed on propaganda. They were fed patriotism.

There is so much to celebrate and be proud of as a Zimbabwean
We accept it’s refreshing to be self-deprecating.But sometimes some of the writings we read and see on social media are quite seditious. Granted patriotism is NOT blind loyalty to one’s rulers or leaders even when they are overtly wrong. It is however loyalty to one’s country. You may not like your brother but love your family and don’t go about denigrating everything about it from the patriarchs to the totem to the rest of your siblings so that it proves your father wrong. 

It is sad when very articulate, educated and intelligent
people use their eloquence to write negative things
about their country.It is heart-breaking to see educated
and grown men spend time away from their families
prowling the internet looking for something negative to
spin about their country
You can’t go about apologising for being who you are. I had the misfortune of hearing a Zimbabwean being asked where they were from and their answer was, 
“I am from Zimbabwe but …eermmm .. You know our country...eermmm...” 

I didn’t wait to hear the rest. I didn’t feel there were any ifs or buts about being a Zimbabwean. There was nothing to be invoking this self-loathing mentality. And one didn’t have to be Zanu PF to feel the way I did.

 It is not an attempt at proselytization to say Zimbabwe has more positives than negatives. It just needs its citizens to propagate these than have all its virtues undermined just because one hates Zanu PF. Nationhood is not an obsolete notion. It is a concept we postulate because it makes us a people.


Nick Mangwana is the Chairman of the Steering Committee of  Zanu PF –UK.