Sunday, 31 December 2017

Chairman’s Crossover Message
Greetings  Comrades & Compliments of the Season,
We had an eventful 2017, which ended up with the change of leadership at the helm of our party and country. We welcome Zimbabwe’s second Executive President Cde ED Mnangagwa who is now consolidating our Independence and development as a nation and people.
As Zanu PF-UK & Europe we celebrate the principled political positions we took which have been vindicated by the respect and high esteem with which we continue to be held by the Mother Party and our principals.
It is those consistent principled positions that saw us survive Gamatox purging. This year we survived the purging against VP Mnangagwa’s backers and the team dubbed Lacoste to which most of us belonged in our individual capacities.  We have now also survived the purging of the G40 Cabal, which also tried to undermine our own leadership here.

This is because as an entity we have remained non-factional and did not get involved in the factional fights that saw and led to Operation Restore Legacy taking place but maintained the party line that was informed by genuine Central Committee decisions.

As a political entity we have managed to maintain unity among members and stayed intact as a party Chapter regardless of machinations to divide us and set parallel structures in our midst. We maintained the course and came out among the most triumphant Units of the New Dispensation.

We continue to be strongly represented at important national functions such as the Independence and Heroes Day celebrations by our ZANU-PF UK Executives & Membership

Our objective of having the Diaspora as the 11th Province of the Party remains a major headline-grabbing talking point on the party’s agenda.

During Operation Restore Legacy we made a big case for Zimbabwe when we represented the entire ZANU-PF party on the international platform. We did not only represent the party but we represented Zimbabwe and we earned the bragging rights to have outdone Zimbabwe’s 43 Embassies by our articulation and defence of our country. For this our principals are in our debt.

 Zanu PF-UK has refused to ignore the uncelebrated community work. In that regard we continue to support the building of Umzingwane Hospital in Matebeleleland South by supplying Cement, Blood Pressure machines, sanitary material for the maternity ward. An on-going commitment to complete construction of that maternity ward. 
On the Education front we have participated in an educational project in Mashonaland East     province for schools in Goromonzi and Chihota. This is a programme we hope to extend to other provinces and have scholarships for talented but deprived students.
     Our relationship with fellow Diasporans and externally resident compatriots continue to be a bittersweet. We have experienced hate campaigns and we have bravely and successfully pushed back.  On behalf of the whole Diaspora Community we engaged the Zanu PF Parliamentary Caucus to reject in strong terms and lobby for the abandonment of retrogressive proposals to amend the constitution and make Dual Citizenship illegal. We are the unsung heroes of the Diaspora.

Our Youth and Women’s League wings have also pulled their weight and made themselves felt and visible. The Youth attended the Youth Festival in Sochi, Russia and we now have a Youth Branch in Ukraine. The Women’s League was adversely affected by the turmoil that bedevilled the mother league in Zimbabwe but is now on a sound footing to make tangible contributions to the betterment of our people in general and women and the girl child in particular.

As 2018 beckons us, these are going to be the underpinning objectives that will thread through our programmes;
1.      We have several members vying to represent the Party in the 2018 General Elections. As a Chapter we will give them all the support we can as long as they don’t sever ties with us and continue to act as ambassadors for the Diaspora Party.
2.     We are going to enhance our efforts to bring investment into Zimbabwe and bring employment to our people
3.     We will be at the centre of the re-engagement efforts between Zimbabwe and its former friends in the West particularly Great Britain.
4.     We will advocate for Institutional Role for the Zimbabwean resident outside the motherland
5.     We will also look at programmes that will ensure our children maintain fraternal links with the motherland.
6.     Help the mother party with resource mobilisation and information campaigns as contribution to the 2018 General Elections effort.
7.     Push for the legal finalisation of the 11th Province agenda

We wish to thank everyone who has made contributions to our fundraising efforts for different programmes. The Mother Party expresses its gratitude as well.

Happy New Year Comrades and Happy New Era.

Aluta Continua

Comrade Ndavaningi Nick Mangwana